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RFID now established for coil management.

29 March 2017

It is the year 2012. One of Europe’s largest manufacturers of sections shows courage and goes down a completely new route for the stock control of semi-finished goods by implementing RFID technology for its coil management. And this courage has been rewarded. Although changing over to automated radio-frequency identification seemed cost-intensive at first, and some obstacles had to be overcome, the investment paid off in every respect.

After only 18 months the innovative pioneers were happy to find that the investment costs for hardware and software had already been returned. The radio-controlled identification for the alignment of consignment details such as steel grades, thicknesses and qualities has been running smoothly ever since. And absolutely efficiently. Manual and time-consuming searches and posting are a thing of the past. And the error rate is moving towards zero.

At the heart of the automated identification in the European steel giant’s warehouse are the RFID tags supplied by S+P Samson, also referred to as flag tags. As the name implies, these innovative data carriers are attached to the inside of the coils and then protrude from there in the form of a flag. In this way, the RFID chip does not get in contact with the steel, any interfering magnetic forces have no effect and the data can be retrieved by the reader at any time. A special challenge for S+P Samson was the adhesive. It was developed especially for this customer. The labels with the RFID chips have strong adhesion to different types of steel, some of them with oily surfaces, but are still removable without residue. You could regard it as an all-singing, all-dancing technology or simply as a creative and innovative solution for industrial identification which sets new standards for automated identification.

RFID technology with S+P Samson tags. Modern. Intelligent. Functional. Another major step towards the era of Industry 4.0. Accompany us along the way.



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