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Statement regarding our ability to deliver in times of Corona.

19 March 2020

Dear customers and business partners!

In the past few days, the number of inquiries regarding the possible effects of the corona pandemic on our ability to deliver has increased. We want to inform you about the current status:

The outbreak and spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) represent an unforeseen situation. S+P Samson is currently working on risk assessment with regard to possible effects on the product and raw material supply chain. Our priority is to ensure that S+P Samson services and products are available in the usual quality and quantity.

According to the current state of affairs, S+P Samson assures you that it has taken all precautions in good time to be and remain capable of acting in this phase. To ensure availability, the purchasing department of S+P Samson GmbH is in daily contact with suppliers. Especially because the transport situation can change quickly. Thanks to its materials management, S+P Samson has sufficient stocks to be able to meet enquiries to the usual extent and to start production for orders with the usual lead time (production, without dispatch) of around 4 weeks. This applies to S+P Samson standard materials in calculable consumption quantities. Lead times may increase for special materials. Your sales consultant can provide you with information on this, or will contact you in good time if there are bottlenecks in follow-up orders.

Nevertheless, the pandemic of the coronavirus will continue for an as yet undetermined amount of time. This statement is based on the status quo in mid-March 2020. Should the situation change due to the duration of the restrictions or their extension, this statement will be updated as soon as possible.

What needs to be organized, we are organizing. What we ask you to do – please, take care of your health.

Sincerely S+P Samson GmbH
Karl Tochtermann
Managing Director/CEO





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