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La revista S+P Samson es nuestra pequeña biblioteca en relación con temas actuales, novedades de productos, fechas de las ferias y datos personales. No se trata de una página de noticias clásica, sino de una colección de artículos de redacción que animan a enfrascarse en su lectura. 

S+P GRAPHIPLAST® - easy handling and cost saving

25 Enero 2023

Are you are looking for a product that is easier to handle and saves costs? Then we have something for you: our universally applicable GRAPHIPLAST® plastic labels with an adhesive patch on the back replace expensive and cumbersome plastic pouches with inserted paper labels. They can even be attached while wearing gloves.

The special surface coating on the labels ensures excellent toner adherence
and good readability for many years, even in adverse ambient conditions.

S+P Samson Trade Fair Review

04 Julio 2022

International visitors and qualified discussions made LogiMat in Stuttgart and wire+Tube in Düsseldorf 2022 a success.

ID4track®: the electronic RFID labels supplied by S+P Samson

10 Enero 2022

RFID labels have a key advantage. They enable the highly efficient, contactless and automated identification and localisation of products and components using radio waves from a distance (RFID = “radio frequency identification”). This makes them the key to a quick and simple implementation of automation solutions in production and logistics (Industrie 4.0 and IoT), unlocking an enormous efficiency potential!

The strengths of RFID labels really come to play in all applications in which products need to be detected, located, registered, stored or monitored automatically. However, until now there has been an obstacle regarding use in rough ambient conditions – the sensitive RFID inlay.

Proactive extension of warehouse capacity at S+P Samson ensures reliability of supply!

22 Noviembre 2021

The restart of the world economy following the Covid crisis has caused delivery problems and raw material shortages in many places and industries. There are long queues of container ships waiting to enter major ports all over the world, while raw material markets are depleted and the demand for basic components far outstrips the supply. This has resulted in price explosions as well as reduced production in many areas – including conveyors that are now idle and even temporary plant shutdowns. Not at S+P Samson – we made provisions early on to ensure that our customers can fully rely and build on our excellent reliability of supply even during Covid! 

S+P Samson and Polytec Robotics cooperate to create a robotic automated identification system for the steel industry!

05 Julio 2021

Two market leaders in their respective fields, S+P Samson and Polytec Robotics, have combined their individual strengths in a cooperation that will enable them to supply robotic systems together for identification in industrial processes. The fully automated identification system is based on the extremely robust and heat-resistant labels and tags supplied by S+P Samson and has been specially designed for the demanding ambient conditions of the steel industry, while the tried and tested robot systems are provided by Polytec Robotics.

Economical RFID starter kit by S+P Samson!

02 Diciembre 2020

S+P Samson has launched a new, affordable starter kit for its innovative RFID tags. The ideal opportunity to start your test run in the field of RFID! Our innovative RFID tags are based on a combination of our extremely robust GRAPHIPLAST plastic tags and RFID. They make it possible to identify and locate products and to document material movements!





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