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Economical RFID starter kit by S+P Samson!

02 Diciembre 2020

S+P Samson has launched a new, affordable starter kit for its innovative RFID tags. The ideal opportunity to start your test run in the field of RFID! Our innovative RFID tags are based on a combination of our extremely robust GRAPHIPLAST plastic tags and RFID. They make it possible to identify and locate products and to document material movements!

Unique selling points: Extremely small, economical and robust!

The RFID labels supplied by S+P Samson are smaller and more economical and robust than competitive products and are particularly suited to high temperature applications and metallic environments. The RFID reader which was especially developed for near-field use only a few centimetres around the transponder also improves the state of the art und extends the potential applications of our tags which offer a longer range. This also enables the discrimination of individual tags in very small spaces – a feature common long-range readers cannot provide! The pen-type handheld reader is wired (mobile control via a smartphone) and, therefore, also suitable for companies where Wi-Fi cannot be used.

The economical starter kit is the ideal opportunity to test RFID automation technology for your own processes. The open-source software makes the integration of your own applications simple. The starter kit includes a range of labels in different sizes and materials as well as the required software and the reader. 

This means that you can discover the world of RFID for just 450 Euros – we will be happy to advise you during implementation, please contact us!