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Proactive extension of warehouse capacity at S+P Samson ensures reliability of supply!

22 Noviembre 2021

The restart of the world economy following the Covid crisis has caused delivery problems and raw material shortages in many places and industries. There are long queues of container ships waiting to enter major ports all over the world, while raw material markets are depleted and the demand for basic components far outstrips the supply. This has resulted in price explosions as well as reduced production in many areas – including conveyors that are now idle and even temporary plant shutdowns. Not at S+P Samson – we made provisions early on to ensure that our customers can fully rely and build on our excellent reliability of supply even during Covid! 

We plan ahead to increase the reliability of your supply chain

You do not just need to undertake a lot to achieve a lot – it also requires proactive planning to minimise risks and to be able to deal with unexpected problems. S+P Samson decided to take action early on and used the Covid year of 2020 to enhance its resilience further. A primary component of this strategy was the considerable expansion of its storage capacity – which had already been fairly extensive – at the end of 2020. This enables us to pursue an even stronger raw material strategy in the future which will ensure that we can offer maximum material availability and price stability to our customers. So we will be doing our utmost here at S+P Samson to ensure that we continue to be a reliable partner that you can count on in your supply chain in spite of the current challenges.

The latest warehouse expansion at S+P Samson

S+P Samson is a world market leader for industrial high-performance labels and tags and robust, permanent identification in warehouses, production and shipping. To enable us to improve the supply of raw materials required for our labeling solutions we have invested a 5-figure sum in a new racking system which was installed at the beginning of 2021. The self-supporting steel structure enables the use of industrial trucks in our self-contained warehouse and provides an additional 225 m2 (2400 sq. ft) of storage space on two levels. Due to this additional storage capacity we are now in the comfortable position to cater for any international supply shortages which means that we can continue to offer you maximum reliability of supply! 

Have you seen S+P Samson’s latest material developments?

The S+P Samson product range, well established and used worldwide, includes the weather-resistant, extremely robust and tear-resistant GRAPHIPLAST® labels and tags. As an alternative to time-consuming laser engraving, S+P Samson offers the permanent FORTOBOND® labels which stick, hold and stay! And the electronic RFID labels and tags enable contactless identification along the entire logistics chain. During the Corona pandemic, S+P Samson has developed two more important material innovations which are now ready for the market: with our new, high-temperature resistant labels, made from an aluminium/fabric composite, we have now introduced an economical alternative to high-performance labels made from PI plastics to the higher price segment of the market. Our new all-round labels made from polypropylene (PP), similar to paper and yet robust, can be printed with conventional laser printing systems and provides a more environmentally friendly and high-performing alternative to the existing polyester materials (PET). 

Find out for yourself and contact us, we will be happy to send you free samples of our new materials!